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Head Chef Enjoy Restaurant

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FENG Zhang Wang was born in China in July 2nd 1964.

With over 24 years of experience making the recipes he learnt at home.

He came to Spain in 1990 after finishing his studies in the traditional Chinese cooking, in the culinary school of Fujian, and taken under the wing of the best Master Chefs of Chinese restaurants installed in Barcelona and Bilbao he progressed in his career.

In 1995 he arrived to open his first Restaurant and his successful progress led him to open the startling Enjoy Restaurant in the middle of the beach walk of Puerto del Carmen, becoming the flagship of Asian restaurants in Lanzarote and the Canary Islands.


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Leo is the showman of the Teppanyaki area. The teppanyaki is where he feels more comfortable at, and you can tell from the passion he makes your meals.

His full name is Liang Gang CHEN. He was born in 1975 in Japan and did his culinary studies in 1992 in the school of Tokio, where he also started his professional career. In 1993 he took the plunge and came to Europe following his Master landing in Holland for a few years. In 2000 he moved to Spain.



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Our friendly staff will welcome you and will treat you their Asian warm way to make you feel home. It is in their culture to regale people who is going to eat their food as another family member




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As you will see the kitchen team is perfectly synchronized and organized so everything runs on time with the quality food as the main objective. You will see all of this for yourself because all the kitchens are wide open to the guests. This besides being a show on its own will prove you how every plate is done with care and with fresh products for you to enjoy